Tzité Oracle

by Nana Feliciana

Tzite Oracle Nana Feliciana laPuerta

The Tzité oracle has a similarity with the I-Ching, but to carry it out seeds from a sacred tree (Tzité) are used which look like red beans.

The reading of the Tzité is the traditional method to receive answers from the devine energy through the 20 Nawales. Nana Feliciana attends answer-seekers in one on one sessions.

If people do not speak enough Spanish I can be there to translate and facilitate.


Nana Feliciana and Hilda Tzite Oracle

We also offer to attend people who are not travelling in Guatemala and cannot see Nana Feliciana in person. In this case one can write me an e-mail with the question or the topic and I sit with Nana Feliciana when she consults the Tzité. I write down then answer(s) and send them back in an e-mail or explain it in a skype session if wanted. Most of the time Nana Feliciana gives “homework”, how to deal with the situation.

A central belief in the Mayan Cosmovision is that we are responsible for our well-being and cannot assign it to someone else. So if we feel like doing our “homework” or not, will have an essential effect on the outcome of our situation.

To book a Tzité session with Nana Feliciana she requires requires basic knowledge on the 20 Nawales of the Mayan Calendar and one´s birth Nawal.

Mayan Calendar (link to button) offers the possibility to calculate your birth Nawal

Nana Feliciana Ujpan is a Mayan spiritual guide, who works in the Mayan tradition in her home village San Juan la Laguna. Moreover she studied psychology at the university in Quetzaltenango (Xela) and was trained to be a social worker as well. She is a member of the organisation “Kaqla”, a social project led by women. She offers healing work in Mayan ceremonies or provides answers through the Tzité, the Mayan oracle.