There is quite a diversity of healing methods in the Mayan tradition, but what they have in common is that the Mayan healers state its not them alone doing the work, they are a channel for Ajau, the divine energy.

Healing work is done:

  • in ceremonies
  • with herbal medicine
  • in the Temascal (Mayan sweat lodge)
  • through oracles
  • through cleansing with eggs and plants
  • massages, etc.

Most healers include the 20 Nawales or one specific Nawal that supports that individual healing process.

Coming to Guatemala for a treatment:

For people who come to Guatemala to get healing work done we offer to design the process individually depending on the topic of the person.

The intense package takes two weeks of healing work here at the lake Atitlan, working on your specific topic every day:

These 2 weeks include:

  • 3 Mayan ceremonies
  • 1 cleansing/healing session
  • 1 Temascal (sweat lodge)
  • 1 Tzité Oracle
  • 1 Mayan horoscope reading
  • coaching sessions
  • rituals
  • excursions around the lake
  • fun time
  • homework, etc.

Liza 4 Batz ceremony

It is quite fascinating how much can be done in 2 weeks, but whether this work has a long-term effect depends very much on the person after getting home.

Absorbed again in our daily life it is easy to forget what we worked on in Guatemala, so in order to be able to apply the work back home, we give homework. The homework is mostly little rituals during the first 20 days, which help to keep focusing and concentrating on the healing process.


If necessary we can continue to coach a person over skype or be available for questions and doubts.

We offer to attend people here at lake Atitlan between November and April. (From May to October it´s rainy season in Guatemala.)


Hilda facilitating:

I pick up the person from the airport in Guatemala City and we spend the first two nights in Antigua to acclimate. Antigua is a beautiful colonial town, which makes it easy for foreigners to feel comfortable.

Mikaso roof Lake Atitlan

After these two days we come to the lake Atitlan. I make a reservation for an accommodation beforehand depending on your prize level.






Hilda and Nana at the beach swimmingThe next day we start our healing program. Between the healing sessions we do trips around the lake to do little rituals, we connect with special energy places and get to know the indigenous culture at the lake how its lived today.




Preparation, what we need in advance:

  • the birth date in order to know the birth Nawal
  • a brief explanation on the healing topic
  • what are the intentions to come here

and I send an itinerary in advance and we can work out the details through e-mails and skype sessions.

In case you are interested in this type of treatment, please sent me an e-mail and I answer all your questions.