From May to October we have rainy saison in Guatemala, only a few people are visiting Lake Atitlan during this time of the year. Since it´s the beautiful time in Europe I take the chance to for a visit and combine it with my work. I offer workshops and lectures on the Mayan Calendar and the Mayan Horoscope Readings.

The next workshop I´m offering in Austria is the:

“Queens Workshop”

Why it is healthy to wear a crown and how our posture influences our life.

June 9, 2018

Tanzstudio Regina

St. Veit/Glan, Austria


All my workshops are based on the wisdom of the Mayan Calendar, most of the time one of the 20 Nawales represents the core idea of the workshop.

The Queens Workshop is based on the Nawal Aj. Aj is the sugar cane and the staff of authority. Aj is the leader, the ruler, the head of the community, the benevolent king or queen.

To wear a crown helps us to practice the upright physical posture of head, shoulders and back, but as well the inner posture of a queen. Women are often not their own authority and the workshop is meant to grow into our strength, to work on obstacles in the way to being my own authority and on our queenly attitude.

In my workshops I try to combine healing work with fun and laughter. Specially this one – a room full of queens – is really fun!

Here is a pdf file you can download with more information (german):

Königinnen_Seminar_Regina_Tanzstudio_mail (1)