Horoscope Reading

by Hilda

The so-called Mayan Cross is the Mayan form of horoscope and gives insight in the characteristics and qualities of a person. Traditionally it was calculated at the time of birth and explained to the parents by the midwife. A child grew up knowing about it and identifying with it.

The Horoscope Reading:

The Reading of the Mayan Cross can be done one on one or over skype. It takes about 2 hours and includes 10 pages of information, which are sent to your e-mail address as well.

The Reading consist of 2 parts:

The first part explains the qualities representing our your whole life, from childhood on till older age.

The second part gives insight how you are using your qualities in the moment. This is temporary information and might be quite different later in life. Through that information one can know if a quality is overemphasized or neglected and how to balance the energies out, so we ideally use them all to the full potential.

The 5 positions in the Mayan Cross:

  • The quality in the center is our birth quality, our central personality

The 4 qualities around the center are connected to the 4 cardinal points and represent different aspects of our life. (When the Maya write the 4 cardinal points they write East on top because the sunrise it their point of reference.)

  • The quality in the East is called origin or childhood and it´s the quality that influences us most during our childhood.
  • The quality in the North is our spiritual energy or also called the internal quality. We use it when our attention goes inward: reflection, introspection, work with the subconscious, belief systems, spiritual work, etc.
  • The quality in the South is our material energy or also called external quality. The South shows how we connect to the world, what our social approach is like, how do others see us, etc.
  • The quality in the West is called future, mission, destiny and it is our learning program. This quality we normally develop as we grow older, it is up to us to obtain it.

Prices for a Mayan Cross Reading:

  • US 100 – for a session over skype

(payment with PayPal)

  • 250 Q – for a one on one session at lake Atitlan

If you are interested in a Mayan Cross reading, please send me an e-mail with your birth date and the name you´d like to have on your print out.

If the reading is over skype the money needs to be deposited before our session and

I send the files for your horoscope to you per e-mail in advance.