Fire Ceremony

The traditional Mayan Ceremony is a fire ceremony where only ceremony material is burned: Copal and other type of incense, cacao seeds, herbs, candles, flowers, etc.

The Maya believe that the nutrition of the spirits is smell, so a Mayan ceremony is to invite the 20 Nawales for a meal. All 20 Nawales get honored during the ceremony and at the same time we can communicate our petitions and wishes. Depending on our request the right day quality is chosen for the ceremony, so the Nawal of that day is favorable for the process.

I work mostly with Nana Feliciana when it comes to ceremonies, but if one would like to meet another Aj Q´ij (Mayan spiritual guide) I also recommend Nana Andrea and Tata Clemente.

(“Nana” is the title for women who are spiritual guides and “Tata” for men.)

If people do not speak enough Spanish I can be there to translate and facilitate.

Mayan ceremonies are done for all kinds of reasons: Healing work, harmonizing, strengthening, protection, support, transformation of negative emotions, forgiveness, gratitude, etc. etc.

Ceremonies can be done for one person only if it´s a personal healing topic or for groups and families.

There is a protocol how to conduct a ceremony, but why and when to do it, is very individual.